About Us


Mile High Catering began in 2002 in order to fill a need for cleintele that we saw as being underserved in the Denver metropolitan area.

Mile_High_Catering_StaffHaving worked in the restaurant and catering business for over 20 years, we noticed that the majority of people were looking for an affordable catering service that could also deliver quality food. Sure there were plenty of options for high price tag caterers that could deliver quality food, as well as lower cost services that could deliver sub par quality menu items. But after looking high and low, we were hard pressed to find someone that could deliver quality and affordability for the average person on a budget.

So we went to work working with our suppliers to offer the same quality we were already delivering, but with a much better pricing structure so more people could afford the event they envisioned…without having to cut corners.

Once we had everything in place, our company, as well as affordable catering in Denver and the surrounding areas was born… for just about any type of event you can imagine.

Give us a call and try us out for your next event, you won’t be sorry you did, and your wallet will thank you for it.

-Mile High Catering
“Finally…an affordable caterer”

Mile High Catering Team

Mile High Catering Team